We’ve Taken Our Adventure to Vancouver Island – Permanently!

Exciting news! Well, for us anyways. As of Nov 15, 2020, we’ve moved over to Vancouver Island! Yes, you read that right!

Alyssa and I both accepted jobs with Island Health. Alyssa is based out of Royal Jubilee Hospital and I’m hitting the streets with Substance Use Outreach and COVID Outreach and Assessment in Duncan. We’ve decided to locate ourselves in Langford for now, and will be starting our hunt for our permanent home in the spring.

Moving during a pandemic really wasn’t that bad! We found amazing movers with a company called BC Moving and Storage based in Victoria. The finalized plan was they’d cross over early in the morning, load our stuff, and park it in their yard for the night. They then offloaded the next morning. Alyssa actually went to the island a week ahead of us, so I had the entire last week with the kids at school/daycare to pack to my hearts content. For the most part, we’ve found what we’ve needed, minus a few things that have disappeared for the time being! Oops!

Overall though, given the ferry/distance involved, it was a stress-free move. For the humans anyways. Sammy had a stress reaction which resulted in some diarrhea, but cleared after a day and he has since settled in very nicely. Maddy settled into her new elementary school really nicely and Jacob is enjoying his new daycare. One benefit to moving during the pandemic, we found childcare much easier then we likely would have if the pandemic hadn’t caused care centres to drop in attendants.

We are loving the island lifestyle so far! Settling into our new roles, and exploring the area. We live 10 minutes from the ocean, minutes from numerous parks, lakes, and trails; and have joined a welcoming and friendly community. We look forward to sharing new adventures from the Island!!

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