2020 Kodiak Cub 175BH by Dutchmen

Very early in the camping season, we determined that the Prolite Profil was not going to fit our needs for long. We wanted longer, further, and bigger adventures. The Profil was simply not going to be able to keep up with what we were going to ask of it. A somewhat expensive decision we knew was coming, but one we felt was worth it.

Let’s bring a little context to why RVing has become so important to our family. Both Alyssa and I are healthcare professionals, with her in Cardiology and myself in Psychiatry, we have very hectic schedules. Family life, quality time with the kids, is important to us, but its hard to find in this day and age with all the electronics, constant activities, school, friends, etc. RV camping has allowed us to be away from it all and reconnect, spend quality time together, and spend quality time with friends and family who come along. Nothing is better then wrapping up your day by the campfire (or propane fire pit if burn ban is in place) and roast some marshmallows, make smores, and joke around.

With a new tow vehicle, we were able to be pulling up to 5,000 lbs fully loaded, or about 4,000 lbs trying to stay around 80%. I’m confident our Highlander XLE with the tow package can do this confidently. Searching in the 2,800 lbs to 3,500 lbs weight range was much easier then our previous search. The Profil was listed online to try to sell privately while we inquired on trade ins. We were LESS then pleased with Get-Away RV in Abbotsford, the “acting” sales manager was abrupt and rude, being less then willing to negotiate he told me, and I quote ” If you know the market value then I suggest you sell it yourself and watch Western RV, their prices are plus plus, good luck.” That after I asked if he would have a look at our Profil in person to give it a proper appraisal. So that ended our search there, and the Apex Nano was struck off the list. Numerous other makes and models were struck off the list as we found them, and reviewed numerous videos, photos, and online blogs and reviews about them.

Going back to our first point of sale at BCRV Sales in Chilliwack, we were met, again, with a friendly team, a fair and open process, and a smooth and no-pressure experience. They gave us what we believed to be a fair trade in value, literally thousands more then what was offered at Get-Away RV. We found a unit that we felt would suit the family, the Kodiak Cub 175BH by Dutchmen. We played around in it, did online studies and reviews, and watched a dozen review videos from other OWNERS of the unit.

Pack-and-play door seen at rear.

We were sold on the Cub. At 3,500 lbs, it was among the heavier competitors we were looking at. But looking at why told a significant story. First of all, it has full 6-sided aluminum frame construction, along with enhancements like Torflex Suspension, it is also an 8-foot wide model opposed to the usual 7-foot wide of other bunkhouse units. This was important for us as we did not want to deal with a slide out if possible. To make other models lighter too, some don’t add the same level of framing, except around windows and doors. You can literally have a front section of sidewall with no framing, only Styrofoam insulation and wall paneling. In off road scenarios, this means that the unit could flex, causing cracks and areas for water to leak in. Torflex allows left and right tires to actually act independently of each other. This gives a more stable and smooth ride, better off-road handling, and enhances towing stability at higher speeds.

The Cub also has a large pack-and-play door where the lower bunk can be raised to reveal a “garage” for more gear like kayaks, toys, etc. We also gained WAY MORE storage space, with huge overhead cabinets, a massive pass-thru storage compartment, and medicine cabinet. We also went from a 3 to 6 cuft fridge and freezer. Furthermore, we also have a dinette that can also convert to another double-bed to squeeze in 2 more if needed, and to eat on in inclement weather. The underbelly of the Cub is insulated and heated via the furnace for cold-weather camping, being able to tolerate temps down to about -5 degrees Celsius (so they say! We’ll see).

We were sold, and happily traded in our Profil for the much larger Cub 175BH. Time for bigger and better adventures!!

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